TOP Glassware, kitchen and Tableware Manufacturer in Turkey


  • 1st Class raw Materials

  • High Quality Glassware

  • Glass Kitchenware

  • 1st Class Tableware

ABOUT Sarina Cam Business & Industries

Sarina Cam Business is led by Akhan Grup, one of the top glass kitchen and tableware manufacturers in Turkey, and its focus is glassware design, production, and sales.

In the glass kitchenware industry, Sarina Cam with its extensive and strong distribution network, wide array of products, exemplary production capabilities, and customer-oriented strategic approach; became a leading company in the world and Europe.Its plant (14000 m2 area) founded in Silivri, Istanbul in 2009.

  • Premium Support
    premium support
    We take care of our customers satisfaction with Premium After Sales Followup.
  • Eco Friendly
    Recycling and protecting the environment as we're using first class raw materials & 100% dissolvable in nature packaging.
  • Global Reach
    global reach
    We are Expanding globally with exports to more than 55 countries Worldwide.

Global Exports & Worldwide Expansion

Sarina Cam is rapidly increasing its production capacity as a result of its export-based growth strategy while also meeting growing local demand. Sarina Cam’s 85 percent of its sales comes from exports to more than 55 countries.

Sarina Cam Manufacturing Processes

Sarina Cam combines plastic and glass in perfection to produce premium quality products with the best healthy standards; with 100 percent natural glass, first class raw materials, organic paints, registered glassware designs and inspiring joyful colors.

Life at Sarina Cam